Download LMC 8.4 R17 Camera with Config Files

Ever felt like your smartphone camera just isn’t doing justice to the memories you’re trying to capture? If you’ve been using the LMC 8.4 R15 or R16 camera APK, prepare to level up your photography game. Presenting the advanced, feature-rich, and user-friendly LMC 8.4 R17 camera APK, designed to redefine your photography experience.

Why Upgrade to LMC 8.4 R17?

For loyal users of the LMC 8.4 series, the R17 is a game-changer. Packed with a plethora of new features and improvements, this camera APK promises not just high-quality photos but also a host of editing capabilities to make every shot Instagram-worthy. Don’t just take our word for it, let’s delve into its feature set to find out what makes this APK a must-try!

Incredible Features of LMC 8.4 R17

  • Premium Portrait Blur: Achieve DSLR-like quality in your portraits with this feature.
  • Human-Specific Algorithms: Optimized to capture the most natural skin tones.
  • Lightroom Preset XML: Instantly apply Lightroom settings to enhance your photos.
  • iPhone-Like Skin Tones: Get iPhone-like color grading for your Android device.
  • Beach & Sunset XML: Capture the perfect evening and beach shots.
  • Super Nightsight: Take clear and bright photos, even in low light.
  • Manual Macro Control: Get close-up shots with intricate details.
  • Video Support: Not just photos, record high-quality videos too.

How to Get Your Hands on LMC 8.4 R17

If this got your attention and you’re wondering where to download this incredible camera APK, look no further. We’ve made the download process straightforward, and right below is how you can install and set it up.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

  1. Enable Unknown Sources: Go to your device’s Settings > Security or Privacy > Toggle on “Unknown Sources.”
  2. Download LMC 8.4 R17: Make sure to download the APK from a trusted source.
  3. Begin Installation: Open your device’s file manager and locate the downloaded APK. Tap it to start the installation.
  4. Permission Grant: You’ll be prompted for permissions like camera access, storage, and location. Go through them and tap “Install.”
  5. Configure as Needed: Once installed, open the LMC 8.4 R17 camera APK. You may need to tweak certain settings for optimal performance.
  6. Start Capturing: You’re all set! Feel free to experiment with the various features to get the results you desire.

Expert Tips for Capturing the Perfect Shot

  • For a Matte Finish: Turn off the Leica option.
  • Skin Tone Adjustments: Use settings like portrait, DSLR, iPhone, and Sony.
  • For Vibrant Colors: Try Hot Chilli Sauce, Fair Glow HD, and Fair Glorious.
  • For a Natural Look: Go for Ontime touch, CoolFee Dazzler, and Hot Prime.
  • For Sky Effects: Use the Sky Paradise setting.
  • For Moody Blues and Clouds: Opt for Aqua Moody Blue.

Customizing Your Experience with XML Config Files

To further refine your photography experience, LMC 8.4 R17 offers a variety of XML config files. These configuration files can dramatically alter the way your photos look. Experiment with different XML configs to find the look that suits you best.

LMC 8.4 R17 Config File Download

GCam apk configs files are more important. If you wanna change your picture background. Or you wanna make them unique. Then you should try different types of XML configs. Here we share the LMC 8.4 R17 camera config files. You should try every XML config. It will help you to get super-quality pictures.

LMC 8.4 R17 XML Config Link


The LMC 8.4 R17 camera APK is not just an update; it’s an upgrade to your entire mobile photography experience. From its feature-rich capabilities to its user-friendly interface, this is the camera APK that every Android user should try.

If you have any questions or run into issues, feel free to drop a comment below. We’re always here to help. Don’t forget to share this amazing camera APK with your friends and family!

Thank you for reading, and happy photographing!

Here is the LMC Camera All Camera File:

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